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Having a blog can be really fun, but if you are not organized, it can also seem like a lot of work! Not only do you have to write the blog post, find images to support your blog post, optimize it for search engines, but you also need to share it. Share it with your friends, in your email campaigns, and of course on social media.

Sharing a post multiple times is important. Writing regularly is important. Sharing it on social media is important. The time of day and the day of the week you share your content is important.

How the heck do we keep track of it all?

I found an amazing program that I use for ALL of my blogs. It’s name?

Here is why I love CoSchedule and I recommend it to all of my clients, friends, and partners.

Visual Social Media Editorial Calendar

There is a lot of software that can help you schedule blog posts and social media posts. However none of them have the visual component as CoSchedule does. I can see what I’m up to for that week, what is going to be shared, and what needs to be shared.┬áI can see immediately if I have no social messages going out that week for my blog.


Not only that, it is extremely easy to add image messages or plain text messages (or link messages) not connected to a blog post, that go out to several social media accounts. Now, you still want to format your message for the social media platform you are posting on (Facebook and Twitter shouldn’t have the exact same message!). However, this makes it super easy and visual.

Move Messages with Ease

This is so cool. You can drag and drop messages to different days when you see that one day has tons of posts, and another day doesn’t have as many. I love this! It is so easy to plan my posts for the week.

Plan Promotion in WordPress

CoSchedule connects to your WordPress blog, so when you are finished writing you blog post, you can easily plan when and how to promote the post on social media sites. This is so easy, it is insane. I don’t have to go to multiple places, and promotions can start as soon as my blog post goes live!


Great for Teamwork

I currently work alone, but I have used CoSchedule before in a team setting. You can set who publishes what blogs, you can write notes about the blog post or promotional post, and you can mark certain posts in different colors for visual cues.

It can easily get confusing and overwhelming as more people work on a blog. CoSchedule takes that confusion out of the equation, so all you have to worry about is writing your amazing content!

Easily See What is Working

CoSchedule comes with some great analytics. And yes, you can get analytics from a lot of places. But not like this.

They show you what is your top blog post (of all time, of the last month, etc), where it has been shared, how many times it has been shared, and if you have promotions coming up!


You can see, my blog is new, I’ve been posting for about a week, but I’m already getting shares and traffic. This I can see with CoSchedule!

Superb Customer Support

It really all is about the customer support, and CoSchedule is not lacking at all. They are available to help you out when you have questions. I haven’t had many questions though, because their software is so easy to use! Also, they have amazing videos that show how CoSchedule works. I recommend you check out this one below.

It Is Affordable

Starting at $9 a month, any small business can afford to use CoSchedule. Therefore, I recommend it to all my friends. Now, I’m sure you read this in a lot of reviews, but it is true. My friend Holly, who is going into RealEstate, asked me about blogging. Over lunch, I told her basically what is in this blog post.

And yup, they have a 14 day free trial, no credit card needed. So now you have no excuse. Give it a go!

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