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Hilary-St-JonnHello! My name is Hilary St Jonn, and I am a passionate online marketer & web designer who enjoys working on many projects.  I blog passionately regarding my favorite things in life; Sweden, motorcycles, and being creative in the home, as well as online marketing (which you can view here on my blog!).


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Do you want to have a professional take care of website hosting for you? Includes regular backups and restores if you website is hacked.

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Looking to make sure your current customers can find you, and new customers bump into you, online? Investing in regular SEO will help you get customers as you sleep!

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Utilize these 4 packages to work directly with me for graphic design, web design, email marketing, social media marketing, on page SEO, or consulting.

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[dt_sc_pullquote type=”pullquote1″ align=”left” icon=”yes” cite=”Dimitri Ponomareff”]Hilary excels in achieving outstanding results through effective and positive communication. She is passionate about her work and is very imaginative when confronted with obstacles. It’s been a privilege to work with Hilary’s team to deliver our website and other marketing needs.[/dt_sc_pullquote]
[dt_sc_pullquote type=”pullquote1″ align=”right” icon=”yes” cite=”Sam Haugestuen”]Hilary helped me get my new website up and running. She was always more than willing answer questions. She was very concerned about my desires even when I was not able to articulate them very well. Also she took care of all the dreaded back-end stuff that I prefer not t do. Thank you Hilary for a great job![/dt_sc_pullquote]
[dt_sc_pullquote type=”pullquote1″ align=”center” icon=”yes” cite=”Dustin Rising”]Hilary is AMAZING! She has helped me with my website and social networking and both were fantastic! She understands website optimization and how to engage potential clients to act and stay connected to your business and website. I would HIGHLY recommend Hilary to anyone![/dt_sc_pullquote]

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